Voicemail - Stark Industries
my celly's blowin' up
Hi, you've reached Stark Industries. No one is available to take your call at the moment, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

MIT - Cambridge, Massachusetts - Friday Afternoon
So, he had to scramble to figure out his plans this past week thanks to Justin 'I'm a giant douchebag' Hammer. But Tony liked to think it was actually working out pretty well.

He'd managed to catch a few projects from the Future Foundation and Rand-Meachum, Inc. in order to keep up maintenance on the suits and pay tuition. Because, while Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes had offered to help him out, he'd already gotten their house destroyed thanks to his... well, life. Plus, they had to pay for Rhodey's college already.

So, until he put out a few new patents, Tony was stuck--ugh--living within his means.

At least the trip to Massachusetts to check out the campus and do his interview with the head of admissions to prove that he was, in fact, Tony Stark had gone well enough.

"College is going to be so weird after Fandom," Tony said, looking around.

[[For the giiiiiirl]]

Room 308, Wednesday Evening
you did NOT just insult science
With two days to go before he finally graduated, Tony wasn't expecting anything weird to happen. Well, no more weird than normal. Because when you spend a week in some weird ass dungeon, you had your expectations skewed ever so slightly.

So, turning on CNN to find out about the biggest corporate take over of the 21st century happening... not quite on the list of things he wanted. Especially considering it was Stark International being taken over by Hammer Multinational.

"You've got to be kidding me," he demanded of the news anchor. They rudely kept on about how it was the end of the Stark era.

Oh, he was going to destroy so much shitty Hammer-tech for this.

[Door cracked, post open!]

Room 308, Thursday Morning
laptop time - that doesn't look good
There were kittens all over Tony's laptops. Seriously, there was barely a single spot that a kitten had not taken to sleeping on.

He was just lucky to have his keyboard free to use. For now.

"Oh, c'mon," Tony muttered, setting one of the cats back onto the floor. "Where are you guys even coming from?"

The cats had no response to that as they wandered in and out of his open door.

[[Post and door open!]]

Room 308, Tuesday Afternoon
Having a slightly less than legal eye on Stark International's systems meant Tony stayed aware of the things Stane got up to. But it wasn't a perfect system, unfortunately. Like today as he listened in on the board meeting where they were discussing the newest acquisition to the Stark name.

It really would have been funny in another life, but not right not. They had the stolen schematics. His waiting for The Ghost to resurface had been for nothing now.

"Are you sure this is legal?" one of the board members asked.

Tony liked to think he could hear that smug grin Stane no doubt had. "We've had our lawyers look onto that," he said. "Since Iron Man never patented the designs, they're fair game for us to take."

Tony very carefully took deep, calming breaths, hands on the sides of the computer screen as though to keep himself upright. Then, very maturely, cracked said screen as he slammed it shut.

Wow. Way to handle stress in a healthy fashion, Tony.

[[Post open, what Tony was watching NFB!]]

NYC to Tony's Totally Still A Secret Lab of Secrets, Tuesday Night
In the suit - flying like a pro
After writing enough code to make your average person go blind the previous day, Tony was putting it to test. In flight. It was a damn good thing he was both a genius and had redundancies in place should something go horribly wrong. Because something would. His life was a special one.

So, pay no attention to Iron Man doing lazy circles over the New York skyline, folks!

In which Tony's life choices are worse than yours.Collapse )

[[NFB, continued in the comments!]]

K'un-L'un Temple, Tibet - Tuesday Evening Fandom Time
laying down
Someone had spent too much time in space being beaten up by a tentacle monsters. And someone was also a whiny whiner who whines about said ass kicking. Someone was also laying down on the floor of a Tibetan temple that was probably older than Tony could really contemplate at the moment. On the plus side, he wasn't alone there.

Also that Danny Rand had been here and no one had gotten him an autograph. Seriously, guys. Danny Rand.

"Can you beat up everyone now?"

[[For the girl with him]]

Room 308, Monday Morning
laying down
Just because someone had been out drinking his trauma away with people who were future teammates, didn't mean they could stay away from their room. And the people in said room.

That would be why Tony was currently clinging to Stephanie like a heroic teddy bear.

Well, that and the terrible week. Look, this was a totally healthy response to trauma. Totally healthy response.

[[For that girl, up... late due to work fail]]

AIM Headquarters, NYC - Friday Evening
in the suit - DYNAMO 2
Seriously, how many cameos can this have? Is the Punisher going to show up next? If he is, I swear to god...Collapse )

[[Preplayed with so_hawkward/xxlstretchpants/screwyoumarvel/firstnameagent/chernayavdova and continued in the comments!]]

NYC, New York, Friday Afternoon
in the suit - DYNAMO
Smashing is not the best way to solve things, Hulk. I'm just sayin'...Collapse )

[[NFB, of course!]]


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